We helped our client reach #1 CDJR Dealer in the Region last month.

Learn how Central Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM of Raynham increased leads, increased new car orders, and had their third record month in a row with our digital and direct marketing solutions.

Our Strategy

Force Marketing hands down has been one of the best vendors that Central 44 has worked with in the last 8 years that I have worked here! Our success has 100% been a team effort and I am happy to say Force is part of that team, specifically Cassandra Sarcia and Erin Wilburn who have helped us grow our sales. When I got here we were selling about 80 cars per month and now on average we sell over 250. The sky's the limit, thank you for all your help Force Marketing!


Client Goals

Our client, Central Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM of Raynham, approached us with a goal for July 2021 to increase their number of new car orders in response to the current shortage of inventory in the industry.

THE CATCH: Could we increase results without increasing budget...

The Answer is Yes!

Our Strategy: We specifically tweaked the messaging and creative of existing campaigns while shifting overall focus of upcoming campaigns to be more order-centric.

We created a priority ordering page to drive all traffic, allowing car buyers to browse all inventory.
They were then able to inquire about specific vehicles they would like to order, even if it was not in currently in-stock at the dealership.

Watch the Video to See How Our Priority Ordering Pages Work!

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Campaigns Ran:


YouTube, Amazon, OTT





Conquest, DMS

Increased Leads

Increased leads by 10% month-over-month from June to July.

New Car Orders

Out of all new car sales in July, 37% were new car orders.

in the Region

Leading the region with the highest number of new car orders for the month of July.

Increased Sales

Increased sales by 132% year-over-year from 2020 to 2021.

Cassandra Sarcia


Cassandra has been at Force Marketing for four years, working with dealerships across all OEMs. She has specifically worked with Adam Silver and his team at Central 44 for almost a year and has enjoyed the relationships she's built with their staff.

Fun Facts About Cass:

  • She visited over 100 colleges before choosing her alma mater, Ole Miss.
  • She's from the North Shore of Massachusetts, but now lives in Atlanta, GA where Force Marketing's headquarters is located.
  • She's a huge Patriots, Red Sox, Dunkin' Donuts, and Tom Brady fan! She even named her Golden Retriever/Lab "Boston" after her favorite city.


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